Feb. 26th, 2014

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Not much to see here. I'm still reading Wolf Hall, probably about 4/5ths done. I think this might be a new record for amount of time spent reading a book that wasn't...uh...Ulysses. I actually like the story a great deal, but I think because it's *~*literary fiction*~* and not the type of genre stuff i usually read, i don't get that compulsive "just one more chapter" feeling. Well, that and I've been pretty damn tired lately with the start of the semester and our whopping nine campus visits and all the meetings and politicking and what not. (which, btdubs is a sausage you do *not* want to see get made, at one point my very nice, very kind department chair was going around whipping votes so that it didn't degenerate into utter hair splitting and name calling.) so yeah, i haven't had as much time as i'd like to spend with He, Cromwell.

Speaking of "whipping votes," we finished s2 of House of Cards and it pretty much made for the best valentine's weekend evah because we are those kind of people. We also bought a new dining room table and some truly diva purple brocade chairs, which totally counts as romantic when you are new homo-owners trying to get rid of your old Ikea furniture that is falling apart. But anyway, HoC...oh you don't make too much sense, Evil West Wing, but you're kind of my favorite? I think you just have to accept that this is a show about power, not politics, and not think too hard. Frank and Clair Underwood want power because power exists, and they are willing to potentially destroy the US economy and the democratic party to get it. Also, I love their marriage- they are two of my favorite tropes: marriage of equals and unholy matrimony. I consider myself a pretty moral, compassionate individual, but damn do i really love villains and Machiavellian badassary. A;so- how hot was episode 11 spoilers )

I've also started watching True Detective on HBO. I'm into it, the narrative structure. This is probably the only thing I have ever really liked Matthew McConaghey in and he gives an incredible performance. Though, I have to say, I'm disappointed that the only women in this series seem to be wives, mistresses, strippers, and murder victims...or some combination thereof. True Detective is supposed to be more like an anthology series- more like American Horror Story I guess- where there is a new detective story every season. I'm really hoping that next season we get a lady detective. Or a lady boss. Or a lady villain. Because while this show explores white American masculinity really well...I am getting tired of every prestige drama being all about the manpain. 

Still on the fence about signing up for [livejournal.com profile] rarewomen . I'm thinking I will, but it's probably not best to make this decision when I am exhausted in the middle of the week. Le sigh. 


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