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This year I received a fic and a Madness story and I wrote a fic and a Madness story. Parallelism!

I received The Case of the Sunken Safe, a lovingly crafted Mathnet casefic as my main gift. I was also gifted Island, a Stella-centric drabble from The Fall. The drabble is really just so perfectly Stella. Please check them out and give them lots of kudos and comments!

I wrote Ouroboros as my main gift, which is based on the Wise Child Series by Monica Furlong, one of my favorite childhood book series. It’s a series I definitely recommend if you like YA, historical fantasy, and/or female mentor-apprentice stories.

I also wrote Love a Girl in Uniform as a treat. It is shameless Stella/Dani porn for the The Fall. Je ne regrette rien, yo.

[personal profile] silverflight8 asked me to talk about favorite childhood books.

Part of the reason I wanted to wait to post this one is because my Yuletide fic was based on one of my favorite childhood canons, and I didn't want to out myself before reveals! But yes, I love the Wise Child books (the first 2 anyway, Wise Child and Juniper, the third, Colman kind of sucks) During canon review, I realized how much I still love these books. Juniper, the wise woman/"witch" who adopts the protagonist Wise Child is pretty much my ideal model of parenthood. Like if I ever have kids, I only hope I can be as patient and as wise and as fun as Juniper. But the books also do a wonderful job of showing that these women aren't perfect. Can't recommend them highly enough. They are similar in feel to the Old Kingdom and Queen of Attolia books I think.

I love the Anne of Green Gables series and have been meaning to do a re-read for awhile. I think the last time I re-read all of them was probably college. I prefer the Anne books to the later ones about her kids. I still dream of visiting PEI one day, I'm that much of a dork.

One of my other childhood faves is a book called The Ordinary Princess by M.M. Kaye. It's sort of a subversion of Sleeping Beauty- the "wicked fairy" curses the youngest princess with "ordinariness," meaning that she is freckled and has brown hair and likes to run around outside instead of doing vain princessy things. There is a prince, but they fall in love while they are both pretending to be "ordinary" people. I loved this book so much, I adapted it into a play when I was in college. The library copy I remembered as a kid had these beautiful full color plate illustrations. That edition is now out of print and goes for hundreds of dollars. Maybe I will splurge and buy one some day.

I also remember being obsessed with this book called Checking In, which was about girls getting summer jobs and working at a fancy hotel. I think the protagonist falls in love with a movie star. The premise was VERY late 80s. I have no idea why I loved this book so much or what that says about my deep childhood trauma childhood mindset. I have always fantasized about getting a desk job at a hotel though...


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