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First of all, thank you for agreeing to participate in this challenge and write a story for me! The holidays are often stressful and Yuletide has become my happy place in all of that. Yuletide stories recapture some of that old Christmas magic for me and make me feel like a kid all over again, eager to tear open that mysterious present under the tree. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you in advance for being my writer.

Please take all my optional suggestions and fannish blatherings as just that...suggestions. If there's a story idea you have for these characters that you like better, go for it! I’m comfortable with any rating. Follow your muse and I know you'll write a great story! If you'd like to see the type of stories I write and like, please feel free to check out my work on
AO3 . I’ve been spending a bit more time on tumblr lately where I reblog too many pictures of Gillian Anderson these days. Very little of my journal is flocked, so feel free to explore my entries here as well.

General Likes: Humor, bittersweet emotions, missing scenes,“five things” fic, backstory and first meetings, canon divergent AUs, competence, relationships where both partners learn from each other

Dislikes: I don't particularly like stories that involve non-con or death of a major character- if character dies in canon, that's fine. I'm not very fond of tropey (coffeeshop, high school, in space, supernatural) AUs for these canons.

On Porn: As someone who has written everything from G-rated fluff to explicit BDSM, I'm pretty easygoing about sexual content. I don't think things need to be sexually explicit in order to be sexy. But I don't object to smut, either, if that is something you want to include.

Bulletproof kinks: sex toys, femdom (both F/m and F/f), exhibitionism, bondage
Anti-kinks: female submission (M/f), anal, watersports, ageplay, a/b/o. But anything else is fair game!

Little Man Tate- Jane, Dee Dee

This obscure little film is one of my favorites of all time. Fred is adorable and Dee Dee is so strong and loving—it’s such a close bond, but it still reads to me as real. And I always felt for Jane, too, and the way her intelligence has made her lonely and awkward and unable to connect with people.

Here me out: I would LOVE “Fred has two mommies” femslash for this canon. With opposites attracting and sparks flying and both women really, being able to appreciate the strengths of the other. Maybe Fred, clever little guy that he is, can play match-maker? I want Jane to realize Dee Dee’s street smarts are valuable and for Dee Dee to realize that Jane choosing her head over her heart doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a heart. And they both love Fred so much. I just want all three of them to live happily ever after. Schmoop completely welcome.

If you’d rather write gen, I’d still just enjoy a post-canon story where both Dee Dee and Jane grow and learn from each other, and become allies instead of enemies. Maybe Jane might encourage Dee Dee to go back to school? Or Dee Dee could help Jane let go and have fun?

(2015) River, Stevie

Oh this show gives me all the feels! And it’s a perfect gem of a story, but greedy fan that I am, I can’t help wanting just a little bit more. I love River and Stevie’s partnership and the unrequited love between them. It really feels like their relationship was based on hard-won mutual respect. Stevie, especially, just kills me. I’d love a pre-canon story that explores River and Stevie’s partnership, something that reveals Stevie as the brilliantly alive and courageous person she must have been. Maybe a story about their first meeting or the case where they first clicked as a team? Or showing some of those moments when the UST between them bubbled to the surface and nearly boiled over? Stevie POV would be grand. 

If you’d rather write something post-canon, I guess I wonder if River ever sees Stevie again from time to time. Maybe she pops back up again to guide him through a difficult case? It would be interesting to see her pop up and lend her commentary as he learns to connect with more people like Rosa, Chrissie, etc.

Gratuitous disco= totally welcome.

A Streetcar Named Desire- Blanche

Is it terrible to ask for fix-it fic for one of the greatest plays in American drama? I saw Gillian Anderson perform as Blanche this past spring (also available as the NT Live recording) and was just blown away. I loved the ferocity and scrappiness she brought to the character. She really hit all of the notes, portraying Blanche’s passion but also her fragility. I’ve hated the ending since the first time I’ve ever read the play in drama class. So, I’d like to learn about Blanche’s life after Elysian Fields. Maybe a future where the strangers really were kind, and got her the help she needed. Optimistic, I know. How about a story where Blanche leaves the hospital and moves to San Francisco or New York and becomes a beloved gay icon in the Castro or Greenwich village? Or an old friend from Laurel comes to take her on a cruise? Femslash with an OFC would be grand.

I’ve always been struck by the way Blanche identifies as being born under the sign of Virgo, the virgin. While sexually, nothing could be farther from the truth, Blanche does feel virginal to me in a way—a romantic virgin of sorts. Because she has never known what it is like to passionately love someone who loves you in return. So a fic where Blanche gets to finally experience all the highs and lows, the wonder and the vulnerability would be amazing.

If fix-it fic isn’t for you, I’d also love to learn more about Blanche’s backstory, especially her relationship with her young husband, Allan, and how she fell in love with him. Was she aware even then it was a delusion? What was it about him that made him so compelling?

Yentl- Hadass, Yentl

When I watched this movie as a kid, I was always drawn to Yentl and her cross dressing. Rewatching as an adult, I suddenly realized how incredibly sexy Hadass is. I love the way she grows in confidence and how she turns out to be cleverer than anyone ever expected. So a post- canon reunion between these two ladies or an AU where Yentl and Hadass do consummate their marriage and continue the masquerade would totally be my cup of tea. Something from Hadass' POV could be really neat, especially her feelings regarding Yentl as Anschel vs. Yentl as Yentl. It would be interesting to explore how they might relate to each other as women and how comfortable (or not) Yentl is with femininity. And I feel like this ship is rife with all kinds of sexy crossdressing/clothing kink opportunities!

I did not request Avigdor, but I am open to a happy loving OT3 for all of them. Maybe they join her in America?


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