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Still catching up on Fandom Snowflake. I really should be writing right now but...nah...gonna procrastinate a little.

Day 12- Intro to Fandom: The Hour )

Day 13- Searching for recs in BSG, PoTC, and female-centric genre canons )
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Skipping Day 9- create a fanwork- because I really can't do the fannish thing on the spot. My muse, she does what she pleases and cannot be coaxed to perform on demand. What a diva. 

Day 10: A Creator I Love- In Praise of Netgirl_y2k )

Day 11- A Canon that I Love: Being Evangelical for Kushiel's Legacy )

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Just got back from my conference late last night and I'm playing catch up on the Fandom Snowflake Challenge! Luckily the Snowflake people are as chill as their name suggests and aren't too particular about late entries. So, allons-y!

Day 2: Fic recs in Carmen Sandiego, Kushiel's Legacy, Doctor Who )

Day #3- Friend some new people. Done and done! Hi new people! Between this and yuletide, I'm still reaching out to try and friend new folks. I always welcome new followers, especially if you drop me a note just to say where you're here from. 

Day 4: Wish list! )

Day 5: Something New in New Orleans! )
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Yay, reveals time! I wrote 3 fics this year- my assignment, a full length treat, and a Madness ficlet. Lots of firsts for me this Yuletide: I wrote in two fandoms I'd never written in before, one of which was its first story in the archive. I wrote boyslash! I wrote an AU! I wrote a story in present tense for reasons I don't understand other than it felt right at the time. *shrugs*

Reveals )

I also decided to do the fandom snowflake challenge this year. In the spirit of the friending meme and posting more stuff, I will do fifteen days of posting about fandom and fannish things. I have some travels coming up, so some of these posts might get delayed a few days.


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