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Even though I really, really shouldn't be procrastinating writing by doing memes (as there is shamefully little time left to procrastinate before i hand this sucker in) I couldn't resist doing the 21 Last Lines meme stolen from [personal profile] likeadeuce And as I have only written about 23 fics total, 22 of which are archived at AO3, I just barely meet the requirements for the meme!

*Note the reverse chronological order is closer to when I wrote them to when I posted on AO3- most of my Carmen Sandiego fics were posted to before I archived them at AO3.

21 Last Lines )

When possible, I really like to have my last lines be "careful" and exact, with the precision of a poet. I would say #'s 2, 6, 10, and 20 are most like that. It surprised me how often I end with dialogue (7 times) because I rarely open with dialogue. I don't mind making the pornographies when it feels appropriate, but sometimes I just can't go there for whatever reason, so 13, 14, and 19 are that (ironically 13 is curtainfic that was already preceded by porn.) Multi-chapter stories that I have worked on for months are really hard for me to end, part of the reason I don't write them that much any more. I love #12 as a story, but I still wish i could have come up with something better for those last lines. The issue was I was using the framing device of having it be a lost part of Phedre's life story, and so I felt the need to return to that framing. I think it leaves the story on a more intellectual and reflective note than i would have liked- a conflict of the head versus a conflict of the heart.

#20 is by far my favorite, if you were curious. My refashioning of Jacqueline Carey's "when love cast me out, twas cruelty took pity on me" for my own nefarious purposes. (mwaahaha)  it's such a great line on its own, so i can only take partial credit.  If there are any you are curious about, please feel free to ask! 

Recs Ahoy!

Dec. 28th, 2011 03:59 pm
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Not that I have an overabundance of lj friends, but here's a random list of recs. Yuletide has truly been a banquet and it's a pleasure to read so many fics from fandoms I love and from fandoms I never imagined even would have fic. 

There were so many excellent Kushiel's Legacy fics this year and several featuring fiction's most amazing villainess, Melisande Sharizhai. In addition to my own a-mazing gift fic- here are some others:

A Pain That I'm Used ToAn unsent letter from Melisande to Joscelin that is just so so perfectly Melisande. Merveilleux.

The Goddess Rendered Mortal Mavros, Melisande and Leander Maignard on the island of Cythera post- Kushiel's Mercy.  

ReparationsAn episode from Joscelin's harsh childhood within the Cassiline Brotherhood. With unexpected Anafiel Delaunay! This fic really captured my imagination and I say that as someone who is not a big Joscelin person. 

There were also two a-mazing Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego fics written this year, both tackling what I have always found to be a thorny part of the series for a writer, namely the issue of the Player, and the world within a world the series seems to create. There can ever be enough good Carmen fic, IMO, and both of these are excellent.

Player Status: Offline- A look into the lives of the characters when the game is not in motion. I really loved the series of vignettes. And all of the characters, especially Carmen, were at their mischievous best. 

Lead Me On A Merry Chase-  This fic is epic in a good way. The author has really done something brilliant here- a fully fleshed out backstory for the Player and a truly ingenious take on the series. Amy/The Player is so very well-rendered and real and one of the best original characters I've ever read. In many ways, this is sort of an "inside-out" version of the Carmenverse, as it takes place more in our world than in Carmen's. But that is precisely what makes it unique and worth reading.

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Hello, dear writer, and thank you in advance for signing up to write in one of my fandoms for Yuletide! I'm sure you notice that my LJ is pretty sad....I actually am not a big LJ user. And though I am a longtime observer of Yuletide, this is my first ever time as a participant. So please forgive me if I make any newbie request mistakes. If you'd like to see the type of stories I write and like, please feel free to check out my work on AO3 or at where I write as green lion.

As you'll notice from my requests and likes, I tend to have a thing for sympathetic villains and anti-heroes. I'm a big fan of foe-yay and sexual tension between protagonists and their antagonists. I also love strong, intelligent female characters and stories that feature relationships between women as the primary focus, even if they are not explicitly femslashy. I am comfortable with any rating. And please feel free to treat my ideas and suggestions as jumping off points rather than strict commandments. Follow your muse and I know you'll write a great story! 

General Likes: Humor, UST, bittersweet emotions, character studies, passing the Bechdel Test, Porn With Plot

Dislikes: I'm not huge into stories that are happy-fluffy to the point where they are unbelievable with canon. I also don't particularly like stories that involve rape or death of a major character- unless it is making reference to canon events. I hope that doesn't seem too contradictory. 

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