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This year I received a fic and a Madness story and I wrote a fic and a Madness story. Parallelism!

I received The Case of the Sunken Safe, a lovingly crafted Mathnet casefic as my main gift. I was also gifted Island, a Stella-centric drabble from The Fall. The drabble is really just so perfectly Stella. Please check them out and give them lots of kudos and comments!

I wrote Ouroboros as my main gift, which is based on the Wise Child Series by Monica Furlong, one of my favorite childhood book series. It’s a series I definitely recommend if you like YA, historical fantasy, and/or female mentor-apprentice stories.

I also wrote Love a Girl in Uniform as a treat. It is shameless Stella/Dani porn for the The Fall. Je ne regrette rien, yo.

[personal profile] silverflight8 asked me to talk about favorite childhood books.

Favorite Childhood Books )
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I thought this post, "The Silencing of Catelyn Stark" expressed perfectly many of the feelings I (and others) have had regarding how the tv writers have chosen to portray Catelyn's character. Riffing on Catelyn Stark and Skyler White Syndrome... )

Help me procrastinate today with this Writing Process meme stolen from [personal profile] likeadeuce

Pick one of my fics and a question (or questions) and I'll tell you:
1. What part was most difficult?
2. What are you most proud of?
3. What's a reference you made no one has picked up on yet?
4. What's a bit that sums up your take on a character?
5. Favorite line(s) of dialogue?
6. Favorite lines(s) of prose?
7. Were there any points where you were trying to do something specific with sound, vocabulary, or rhythm?
8. How many drafts did the work go through?
9. Were you listening to anything while writing the fic? If so, what?
10. Imagery that is important to the fic, either while composing or in the fic itself?
11. What were you most worried about during the composition?
12. How do you want readers to react to this fic?
13. What did you want them to take away from it?
14. What inspired this fic?
15. If you used a beta, what did you agree or disagree on?
16. Did anything surprise you during the writing?
17. Were any parts written under the influence Unless coffee counts, I never drink and write!
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Trust me, I'm a Doctor. Sorta. I have some minor revisions, so it's not completely over, but basically they let me into the guild. Yay! When people ask me what it feels like, I keep telling them it's really surreal. When you devote six years of your life to something, it's very strange to have it come to a climax in one afternoon. But gradually it's sinking in. And since I do have a job waiting for me, I can honestly say that I feel ready to be a professor and no longer kept in the perpetual adolescence that is grad school. Thanks so much to all of the folks who left nice comments and cheered me on through the final lap!

Oh and so in the middle of it all, I received a lovely Rarewomen gift from [ profile] ivy She wrote me the Sidonie/Amarante fic I have always longed for. Both women are so beautifully rendered. The Kushielverse has such rich female characters and it was wonderful to see these two finally get some well-deserved attention.

Trust (1809 words) by ivy
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Kushiel's Legacy - Jacqueline Carey
Relationships: Amarante de Namarre/Sidonie de la Courcel, Bérèngere de Namarre & Phèdre nó Delaunay
Characters: Amarante (Kushiel's Legacy), Sidonie de la Courcel, Ysandre de la Courcel, Phedre no Delaunay, Bérèngere de Namarre, Alais de la Courcel
Summary: Neither trust nor friendship come easily, especially when they are thrust upon you.

In return, I wrote Armistice Day, an Edith-centric Downton Abbey fic set post-season 3. It focuses on Edith's career as a novelist and a reconciliation between her and Mary. Harkening back to discussions on "id-fic" with [personal profile] likeadeuce I can honestly say that Mary and Edith reconciling and Edith having a career of her own are definitely rooted in my deepest desires for both characters. If i were Julian Fellowes, this is what I would do in season 4. Oh and I gave Edith Dorothy Sayers' life. If only I could have worked in Gwen taking a job as Edith's personal secretary....

Recs for Kushiel's Legacy, Hunger Games, Political Animals )
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While I wait patiently for my rarewomen assignment, I'll share a fic I wrote with you. It's just a little Carmen Sandiego character study that I wrote as a way of getting my fanfic groove back after so much stress. I was beginning to wonder if the well had run dry for me on this fandom, but nope. Well, let's just say i still have a lot of plotbunnies but not usually easily executed one-shots, so I decided to just write it.

Canyon (1470 words) by kmo
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Carmen Sandiego
Additional Tags: Angst, Character Study, Villain Protagonist

Carmen reflects on the nature of canyons, grand and otherwise.

While I'm on the subject of female criminal masterminds, let me give you my review of Queenpin by Megan Abbott

This book, it rocks )

In other news, I just finished Jacqueline Carey's newest book, Dark Currents! I liked it. So expect an extra special review post from me about it soon.
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Yay, reveals time! I wrote 3 fics this year- my assignment, a full length treat, and a Madness ficlet. Lots of firsts for me this Yuletide: I wrote in two fandoms I'd never written in before, one of which was its first story in the archive. I wrote boyslash! I wrote an AU! I wrote a story in present tense for reasons I don't understand other than it felt right at the time. *shrugs*

Reveals )

I also decided to do the fandom snowflake challenge this year. In the spirit of the friending meme and posting more stuff, I will do fifteen days of posting about fandom and fannish things. I have some travels coming up, so some of these posts might get delayed a few days.

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Wow, my super talented fellow longtime Carmenfan Mirei just made six panels of manga depicting the opening scene of Blue Alert, the Carmen/Ivy NYR fic I wrote for [ profile] cheshireempress I'm stunned and amazed and just so honored. All my years in fandom (and granted some of them have been inactive...) and this is the first time anyone has ever made fanart of one of my stories. It's also really cute and very well done. That scene in particular is very well suited to manga/comic adaptation. Check them out over at Deviant Art.

I should also note that Mirei, in addition to being a generous and talented fanartist, is also the author of one of my all-time favorite Carmenfics, Sincerely. In a nutshell, this fic pretty much depicts the heartbeat of the show and why I find the relationship between Carmen and "her" detectives so compelling. (hey the show had a lot of range for a 90s kids cartoon, I swear!) 

My two favorite panels )
I really like how she did the backgrounds- it really looks like New York City. Plus i can't draw to save my life, so I'm always impressed by anything artistic.This really made my week. :D 
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Dear Femslash12 Author,

First of all, let me thank you for agreeing to participate in this challenge and write a story for me! I have watched the Femslash challenge by the sidelines for several years, but this is the first year I have ever thrown my hat in the ring to participate.  Please take all my optional suggestions and fannish blatherings as just that...suggestions. I’m comfortable with any rating. And I really enjoy everything across the whole femslash spectrum- from UST and one-sided unrequited longing to fic about established relationships and smutty sexytimes. Follow your muse and I know you'll write a great story! If you'd like to see the type of stories I write and like, please feel free to check out my work on AO3 or at where I write as green lion. Very little of my lj is flocked, so feel free to explore my entries here as well.

General Likes: Humor, bittersweet emotions, character studies, Porn With Plot, “five things” fic, role reversals.

Dislikes: If you’ve noticed from my requests, some of the ladies I have requested could be considered anti-heroes or villains. Don’t erase their faults or gloss over their sins- I like my ladies in all their complicated, contradictory glory. J I also don't particularly like stories that involve non-con, death of a major character, or wildly divergent “in space” or highschool AUs

Femslashy optional details )

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Ok, so this may be a bit presumptuous but they are polling right now for Femslash12 and I am pretty damn excited. I have watched from a distance the past couple years but this year, goddess willing, I am going to take the plunge and sign up. Even folks who plan to be "only readers" can vote. so please, practice democracy...and show my beloved Downton Abbey and A Song of Ice and Fire some love....because they are not doing as well as I had hoped. Sadness. I have lots of femslashy feelings, but for whatever reason, I never seem to have them for the large femslash fandoms. But then again, I have always been an obscure fandoms person. 

To all my fellow ASOIAF fans, a friend forwarded me a CFP (that's "call for papers" for the unitiated) for a volume on "A Game of Thrones and History." Damn was I ever tempted to submit something, despite that I am no one's idea of a medievalist, If it was straight up cultural crticism, I might be tempted, but I think this would require waaaay too much background research on something outside my field. I guess the world will never get to know my academic wankery on "Faceless (Wo)Man: The Female Masculinity of Arya Stark." But if other scholarly fannish types feel so inspired, you should go for it! 

I also took a spontaneous trip to DC this week and met up with my best friend and her baby (yay!) and another female friend with whom I have an extremely complicated and tempestuous relationship and her baby. (???) Le sigh. I'm still trying to process it all. I may post about it. A meeting with She Who Must Not Be Named always leaves me feeling a little shaken and stirred. 
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I've spent the past few weeks in a frenzy of chapter revisions, in the churning out of cvs and cover letters, and in the wrangling of reference letter writers. It is not very happy-making. But you know what is a great palate cleanser? Writing 2000k of femslash porn. 

Someone requested "Phedre/Ysandre- caning" over at the femslash kinkmeme and I was all too happy to oblige. Because I have always shipped them a little. And while Ysandre the perfect queen kind of bores me, Ysandre the conflicted, contradictory woman whose absolute-power-is-perhaps-starting-to-corrupt-her-a-little is deuced interesting. Before embarking on my most recent dissertation chapter, I also felt the need to express myself by making the pornographies. Have I mentioned my thesis is on celibacy? Let's not read too much into why this makes me feel better. 

Title: At the Pleasure of the Queen
Fand‚Äčom: Kushiel's Legacy
Pairing: Phedre/Ysandre
Summary: After the events of Kushiel's Avatar, Ysandre burns with Kushiel's fire. 

I also got stamped by the lovely folks over at [ profile] kushielstamping

My Results )
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I finally drafted all my job materials, including the ever so painful Statement of Teaching philosophy which is nearly impossible to write without sounding bland, insincere, and did I mention bland? Oh and I had to mail it off to the cognate member who is literally the scariest person on my committee by a solid country mile. So, I feel like I deserve a Liz Lemon-esque self high-five here.

Anywho, now that the business is out of the way, I feel like I can post some fun things, like a rec for this amazing Kushiel/Sherlock crossover fic I read- The Shattered Marque. OMG where to begin- it has Modern!D'Angelines! Sherlock's grand-mere was a Dahlia adept! Female Cassilines, people! And it's a pretty solid casefic to boot. I will be totally honest, crossovers are not my favorite genre...but when it's done well, the author really allows the two fandoms to cross-polinate and you get something that's greater than the sum of its respective fandom parts. I also say this as someone who rarely reads Sherlock fic because it's such a large fandom I find it overwhelming and a little too male oriented. 

My SO and I also took in the movie Hysteria this past weekend. I can't recommend it highly enough. The invention of the vibrator in the 1880s, clearly played for laughs, but also with some good bits thrown in about the medicalization of women's sexuality, social inequality, etc. Plus Rupert Everett being a flaming aristocratic lordling i totally would have been a beard for if I lived in late Victorian England. Good times. Here's the trailer. 


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