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 I realize it has been forever since I posted something of significance aside from the odd "Dear Author" letter. Forgive me oh readers, first semester as a new faculty member has knocked me rather flat on my ass. It's all new preps for me, one of which is totally outside my field of study. (heh, why did i say i'd teach world civ again...) The latter did allow me the opportunity to basically create a lesson plan that may or may not have been inspired by parts of Naamah's Blessing. My colleagues are lovely, my students are a mixed bag as students often are. I'm busy, but overall it's a good busy. I'd rataher this than the daily existential crisis of it's-4pm-and-I-haven't-written-anything-and-am-still-in-my-pajamas that was my life as a grad student. 

While I have your attention- signups for the 1st ever Kushiel's Legacy fanworks exchange are ongoing through Sunday December 17th. As of now, fanworks are due Dec 15th and reveals will be on the Longest Night, Dec 21st. We decided to extend the signup deadline because of wonky AO3 tag issues and may extend the due date accordingly. You can find more information at the [ profile] kushielexchange comm or you can check out the AO3 signup form here. If you are on the fence about signing up and are unsure of your other fannish commitments, you will also have the opportunity to sign up to beta or pinch hit as the spirit moves you. 

I am very overdue on my book reviews. Work has slowed me down, but I have been reading. 

Indigo Springs, A.M Dellmonica
The Sparrow, Maria Doria Russell
Point of Honour, Madeleine Robbins
Changeless, Gail Carriger
Grave Mercy, R.L Lefevers
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Harriet Jacobs

Overdue book report, -5 points for tardiness )


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