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July was a very busy month round these parts. Here are some of the highlights:

I finally made all the required revisions to my dissertation and am now done with PhD school! Woot! On August 16th it will be officially official and then you can really all start addressing me as Dr. Kmo. Well, not really...I'm not one of those people. Or am I? Part of me almost wants to get my credit cards sense is most academics don't do this because we're "not real doctors." Which leads people to devalue our labor. If i think about this too hard, I'll give myself a headache.

Then I went and presented at a conference in St. Louis. And a big important Dowager Lady Historian came to my panel and really liked my work! *flails* Also St. Louis was awesome and the part of town we were in was super gorgeous, with lots of fancy early 20th c robber baron mansions. My friends and i went to City Museum one night and got drunk. City a playground crossed with an art installation inside an old shoe factory, it's one of the most indescribable places I've ever been. Oh yeah and it has a bar in a real log cabin attached. If you visit STL, you gotta go.

About a week ago, V and I moved into our new house! I'm still unpacking boxes and have a metric shit ton of work to do before the semester starts, but it feels great to finally be in a place of our own. Every day we look at each other and say, "It's really ours! We own a house!" It will be a work in progress for the next few months, because we really don't have the money to fix/rehab/decorate all of it right now. But I love the painting and the new furniture we have bought so far. First time I have owned furniture that wasn't A) free or B) something I had to put together with an allen key and a lot of cursing. 

In between all of this, I found time to read some books.

 Fairyland No 1, Red Dragon, Where'd You Go Bernadette, The 19th Wife )


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