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I have done a real crap job of posting this year, I know. Let me humbly offer to engage in the December talky meme that's floating around journal space as a way of making up for it. Yes, I realize this the equivalent of a student attempting to raise her participation grade in the very last week of the semester.

December Meme )
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Today's meme topic comes from [ profile] kith_koby It's a birthday request- happy birthday to a fellow ambitious Capricorn!

The Families We Make vs. The Ones We're Born Into )
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 Today's December meme comes from [personal profile] netgirl_y2k I feel like most people have heard my opinions on this on one platform or another (in fact I think it was part of the [ profile] kushielsorting questionnaire) but I will try to add some new insights to make it interesting. In my mind, this almost feels like 2 questions: what I would change to make the books objectively better from a literary standpoint vs what i would change to make them the story of my heart. I'll try to tackle both angles. And disclaimer, I don't claim to be the arbitrator of literary taste by any the end of the day, it's still an opinion. 

Minor spoilers for all 3 trilogies... )
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There's a Comment Meta Fest going on over at [community profile] fem_thoughts . Come on over and play! You can watch me be a cranky misandrist about "The Fall." Also lots of female-centric and femslash-friendly discussion if that doesn't appeal. ;)

In the comments of this week's Dear Prudence, there is a hilarious fake letter from Edmure Tully seeking Prudie's advice post-Red Wedding. Totally made my day. Also Edmure would totally write to Prudie. There's also a really funny one from Jorah,
Cut for RW spoilers )

15 Characters Meme )

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 Well, I got some disappointing news today- found out I am not a finalist for my dream post-doc. It would have been two years of a super sweet deal attached to this institute at a fancy pants university in the NE. I'm trying to remain zen about it all- these things are a crapshoot like anything else in academia, and hey, at least I have some interviews lined up. But, I'm still a bit bummed not to have made the first cut, 'cause dammit my project, it is made of awesome. 

So, in light of dispiriting events, both national and personal, I thought it might be fun to do a MEME! Because memes and fandom make everything better. 
  • Post a list of 20 fave tv shows, past and present. 
  • Have your friends guess your favorite character from each show. 
  • When someone guesses your favorite character, bold the title and give one reason why you like that character.
13/20 tv shows remaining... )
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So hi new people from the friending meme! Thanks for subscribing to me. I'm still working out the kinks on dreamwidth (and feeling a bit like the Dowager Countess trying to use a telephone) so bear with me. I'll still be posting to LJ, too, and you should feel free to comment wherever you like. I promise to do an "about me" type meme for folks, soon. But for now, let's have fun with this TV Meme I picked up from [personal profile] likeadeuce 

TV Meme! )
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Give me a series/fandom and I'll tell you

favorite character: 
least favorite: 
who resembles me: 
who I’d want as my best friend: 
who I’d get along with least: 

fandoms: ASOIAF, Doctor Who, Kushiel, Downton Abbey. Carmen Sandiego, The Wire, The other ones you think I might be into....

Spoilers thought you were a waiter )


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