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First of all, let me thank you for agreeing to participate in this challenge and write a story for me! I watched the challenge by the sidelines for several years before finally taking the plunge last year- and I'm so glad I did! Please take all my optional suggestions and fannish blatherings as just that...suggestions. If there's a story idea you have for these characters that you like better, go for it! I’m comfortable with any rating. And I really enjoy everything across the whole femslash spectrum- from UST and one-sided unrequited longing to fic about established relationships and smutty sexytimes. Follow your muse and I know you'll write a great story! If you'd like to see the type of stories I write and like, please feel free to check out my work on AO3 or at where I write as green lion. Very little of my journal is flocked, so feel free to explore my entries here as well.

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I finally drafted all my job materials, including the ever so painful Statement of Teaching philosophy which is nearly impossible to write without sounding bland, insincere, and did I mention bland? Oh and I had to mail it off to the cognate member who is literally the scariest person on my committee by a solid country mile. So, I feel like I deserve a Liz Lemon-esque self high-five here.

Anywho, now that the business is out of the way, I feel like I can post some fun things, like a rec for this amazing Kushiel/Sherlock crossover fic I read- The Shattered Marque. OMG where to begin- it has Modern!D'Angelines! Sherlock's grand-mere was a Dahlia adept! Female Cassilines, people! And it's a pretty solid casefic to boot. I will be totally honest, crossovers are not my favorite genre...but when it's done well, the author really allows the two fandoms to cross-polinate and you get something that's greater than the sum of its respective fandom parts. I also say this as someone who rarely reads Sherlock fic because it's such a large fandom I find it overwhelming and a little too male oriented. 

My SO and I also took in the movie Hysteria this past weekend. I can't recommend it highly enough. The invention of the vibrator in the 1880s, clearly played for laughs, but also with some good bits thrown in about the medicalization of women's sexuality, social inequality, etc. Plus Rupert Everett being a flaming aristocratic lordling i totally would have been a beard for if I lived in late Victorian England. Good times. Here's the trailer. 


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