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So, while I was madly finishing up my dissertation, I discovered a new TV obsession (TM), Hannibal, which has been airing on NBC. Peeps, this is the most strangely beautiful, visually stunning TV show I have ever seen. It also has a subtlety and a depth to it you don't really see on most network TV shows. Hands down it is the best network drama I have seen in years, and could easily compete with anything on AMC, HBO, or Showtime. And for that reason, I am terrified it is going to be cancelled, because a show like this is just too goddamn speshul to be on one of the basic networks. So, I am desperately singing Hannibal's praises to anyone that will listen, hoping to generate some buzz via word of mouth.

To summarize, it's less of a prequel to Silence of the Lambs and Red Dragon (the Thomas Harris books/movies that feature serial killer Hannibal Lecter) and more of a reboot. It's a prequel in the sense that it goes back to the heyday of Lecter's career as a serial killer when he was still at large, working with the FBI. But it's kind of a reboot in the sense that Fuller is reimagining some of the canon in the present day, has changed and gender-flipped some characters, and borrows storylines from the other Harris novels. I really love Silence of the Lambs and can take or leave the other films, so I'm not some kind of rabid Hannibal fangirl by any means, and yet I still enjoy the show.

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Let me present to you my new OTP of the moment. In the past few days i have gotten absolutely hooked on Irene/Molly Sherlock fic. Granted, I read an Irene/Molly story a few months back and really liked it, but  now that I have taken the opportunity to seek out more I loooooove it. And though there is no hint to suggest this pairing in canon as the two ladies in question never actually meet, it just makes so much sense. Well, so much sense to me anyway that sweet, odd, good girl Molly and cold, calculating, bad girl Irene would be perf together. Because Molly is so much stronger than even she knows....and she craves a regard that Sherlock could never give her, but perhaps Irene can. Gah. I love them. The Dominatrix and the Cat Lady. (I should write a fic called that...)

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I also signed up for rarewomen again this year. Despite it being right around Must Finish Dissertation time, I figure I can find time to write at least one challenge fic. You can read my noms here. I am still trying to narrow down my requests. So many wonderful ladies to choose from.

V and i watched the first three eps of House of Cards on Netflix over the weekend.

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