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First of all, let me thank you for agreeing to participate in this challenge and write a story for me! I watched the challenge by the sidelines for several years before finally taking the plunge last year- and I'm so glad I did! Please take all my optional suggestions and fannish blatherings as just that...suggestions. If there's a story idea you have for these characters that you like better, go for it! I’m comfortable with any rating. And I really enjoy everything across the whole femslash spectrum- from UST and one-sided unrequited longing to fic about established relationships and smutty sexytimes. Follow your muse and I know you'll write a great story! If you'd like to see the type of stories I write and like, please feel free to check out my work on AO3 or at where I write as green lion. Very little of my journal is flocked, so feel free to explore my entries here as well.

General Likes: Humor, bittersweet emotions, character studies,“five things” fic, role reversals, canon divergent AUs, relationships where both partners learn from each other

Dislikes: If you’ve noticed from my requests, some of the ladies I have requested could be considered anti-heroes or villains. Don’t erase their faults or gloss over their sins- I like my ladies in all their complicated, contradictory glory. J I also don't particularly like stories that involve non-con, death of a major character, or wildly divergent “in space” or highschool AUs

On Porn: I often say that I enjoy "Porn With Plot." What does that mean? I take that to mean smutty sexytimes that feel true to the characters and their world. It doesn't necessarily mean that I want a well-plotted mystery with a sex scene thrown in ( though I'd probably read the hell out of that and really enjoy it!) but just that sex should hopefully reveal something about the characters and have some relationship to the larger themes of the story. As someone who has written everything from G-rated fluff to explicit BDSM, I'm pretty easygoing about sexual content. I don't think things need to be sexually explicit in order to be sexy. But I don't object to smut, either, if that is something you want to include. As far as kinks go, I don't particularly enjoy watersports, ageplay, furries, or breathplay. But anything else is fair game!

Kushiel's Legacy- Melisande/Phedre, Melisande/Ysandre, Phedre/Favrielle
So, I really love all of these ladies. I’m a huge Phedre/Melisande shipper and anything with the two of them together, playing mind and sex games with each other, would be gangbusters. AU scenarios where Melisande ends up on the side of the “good” guys or Phedre ends up on Melisande’s side are definitely welcome. Melisande is such an inscrutable, fascinating character- it would be wonderful to see an event like the Longest Night from her POV. I think the bond between scion and dart tugs both ways- we know how Phèdre turns to mush around Melisande, I’d love to see that bond explored more from Melisande’s side. I've been written fic for this pairing before and it was wonderful- I only request it again because I love them so much and can't help myself!


Melisande/Ysandre is the not so secret crackship of my heart. Well, actually not really a crackship to me because I totally think there's something there. I'm fascinated by what Ysandre might feel when confronted with someone who is outside her authority and control. And like Sidonie, I think Ysandre harbors certain dark unexplored desires. Pre-canon, post-canon, AUs where Melisande went after Ysandre instead of Baudoin, all welcome!


I have always shipped Phedre/Favrielle a little. There's definitely chemistry there and also their shared circumstances of being raised as courtesans. I've always kind of liked the weird mirror of Melisande and Phedre's relationship and then Phedre's impulsive decision to pay Favrielle's marque and the latter’s subsequent resentment at being beholden. And let's face it, Favrielle burns with more than a little of Kushiel's fire! So bring on the sexy dress up games for these two- gives a whole new meaning to the term "costume porn."

BSG- Helena Cain/Gina Inviere, Ellen Tigh/Caprica Six
I recently did a BSG rewatch and I am fascinated with the character of Ellen Tigh, mother of the Cylon race. I’d really love to see her backstory explored more, especially her role as a scientist on Earth before the robot apocalypse there and as a creatrix among the Cylons and centurions. I especially wonder about her relationship with the Sixes and whether they were modeled on a younger Ellen or supposed to fulfill a kind of surrogate daughter role. I prefer Ellen in her "awakened" state- so either pre-canon or after she is resurrected by the Cylons. And I put down Caprica in my request, but a story about Ellen and any of the Sixes would be fine.

I also really love Cain. (I do love me a good villainess) A story about her relationship with Gina and why she falls for her would be wonderful. I do love it when the icy ones begin to melt- I'd love to know what it was about Gina that made Cain let down
her guard. AU or fix-it fic for these two would be great, too, if you can imagine a scenario in which they have a happy ending.

ASOIAF- Arya/Dany, Elia/Lyanna, Arianne/Myrcella
I always seem to want the off menu pairings. For Arya and Dany, I'd love a sort of future-fic "falling for the mark" type scenario where an older!Arya is sent by the Faceless Men to assassinate the Dragon Queen but just can't quite complete her mission. Or perhaps another type of scenario where Arya is Dany's awkward tomboyish Master of Spies, not too happy to be at court.

With Elia and Lyanna, I'd always pictured it was more of a "Big Love" openly polyamory type of thing between Elia, Lyanna, and Rhaegar. I'd love to see a fic that shows that Elia and Lyanna fell for each other as much as Lyanna fell for Rhaegar. Bonus points if the normally delicate Elia is the more sexually aggressive one. I don't really care one way or the other about R+L=J.

Myrcella/Arianne- I admit I do like relationships where there is a slight age difference. Perhaps something where Myrcella develops a schoolgirl crush on the older more worldly Arianne? Or a future-fic that reveals a more complicated relationship- Arianne is responsible for Myrcella's injury, how does she take responsibility for that and how does that act bind them together?

I'm up to date on all the books and the first 3 seasons of the tv show. If you want to include characterizations from the tv series and blend the two canons, I'm totally fine with that. Most of these characters haven't appeared on the tv series yet, but I've been pretty pleased with the characterizations of those who have appeared.

Sherlock- Irene/Molly
The Dominatrix and the Cat Lady- I love these two together. Despite the fact they have never shared a scene, I ship them hard. I think Molly is drawn to intimidatingly powerful types. But unlike Sherlock, I think Irene would actually really know how to return Molly's devotion. Feel free to make this as smutty as you like. I really would love a story for them where Irene helps Molly discover her sexuality and her strength. And perhaps one, where Molly in turn helps Irene learn how to have a more sincere and genuine relationship.

Date: 2013-09-28 03:47 am (UTC)
silverflight8: bee on rose  (Default)
From: [personal profile] silverflight8
Ohhhhh my god Ysandre/Melisande. Wow. Er. I think I have a new ship.

Date: 2013-09-28 06:06 pm (UTC)
silverflight8: bee on rose  (Default)
From: [personal profile] silverflight8
yesss! And you know how Melisande is all "if I had wanted you killed, you would be dead, but I wanted your throne" (and implies kinda that Ysandre should be grateful), ooh you could totally work that in.

Yeah, I like your headcanon. I keep forgetting that the Shahrizai don't have a terrible reputation yet, but I imagine the question of who Ysandre would marry would be extremely fraught.


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