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Life post-defense continues to be a thing of wonder. (yes i still have those pesky revisions, but dissertation revisions feel so much lighter than an actual dissertation)  I had this revelation around 11pm the other night where it suddenly dawned on me that the 800 lb gorilla that had been sitting on my chest for the past three years if not since the very moment  I entered grad school in 2007 was suddenly no longer there. It felt amazing. And yes, I realize it will be another uphill slog to getting the book out and tenure, etc, but I am going to enjoy these feelings of peace and happiness while they last. Because happiness really is the highest form of wisdom. 

Not having the dissertation hanging over me has also freed me up to do lots of other things- like taking better care of myself. I've started a very basic running program and I'm hoping I can stick with it. So far it feels pretty manageable. I used to run pretty regularly in my first year of grad school. You can tell how long it's been since regular exercise has been an important part of my life-- my workout mix consists of all the hot summer jams circa 2006-2008. (Nelly Fertado's Maneater, anyone?) 

I also haven't done a book review post since...uh...March. I have been reading, just not posting.

Reviews of The Mirador, Code Name Verity, Vorkosigan Saga, The Magician King )


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